Thai Work Permit expert today wants to discuss how to change some information on work permit in Thailand.

A holder of a Thailand Work Permit can apply for any change of information in the work permit in the event of any of the following:

  1. Change or addition of category of work or nature of work;
  2. Change or addition of employer;
  3. Change or addition of locality of work or place of work
  4. Change or addition of conditions of work under Section 26 of Working of Alien Act B.E. 2551.

The applicant is required to prepare the following documents and file it at the Office of Foreign Workers Administration. If his / her work is in a province other than Bangkok, the application must be filed at the Provincial Office of Employment:

  1. Application form (W.P.6)
  2. Work permit book and one copy
  3. A copy of the employer’s Company Registration (updated within six months)
  4. A copy of the Application Form of Value Added Tax Registration Change (Form Por Por 09)
  5. Map showing the location of the employer company
  6. Power of Attorney (using a form of Department of Employment) with Baht 10 duty stamp affixed and a copy of the agent’s ID Card (if the permit holder is
    unable to apply in person.)
  7. A copy of employer’s work permit in case he is a foreigner. If the employer is
    not working in Thailand or has no work permit, Power of Attorney certified
    by a Notary Public and a Thai Embassy is needed.
  8. A copy of employer’s ID Card in case of he is a Thai National

All documents of the employer have to be signed by the authorized signatories of the company and affix the company stamp. Meanwhile, all documents of the applicant need to be certified by him / her.

Once the application has been filed, it takes about 3 working days for the process of change of information in work permit to be finished. Then, the work permit holder (or his agent) has to pick up the work permit book at the Office of Foreign Workers Administration, Department of Employment of the Ministry of Labour and pay some fees.

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