Can tourists buy a condo in Thailand? Yes you can. However, when foreigners buy a condo, they need to send the purchase money from overseas. The Land Department needs the evidence of your foreign money transfer to process the registration of the change in the ownership. However, normally banks will not open a bank account for a foreign tourist. How can tourists by a condo in Thailand if they do not have a bank account here? You need to send your money to Thailand to your bank account because your bank needs to issue a letter to the Land department certifying that you sent the purchase money into Thailand. What to do?

You will have to contact your country’s embassy in Thailand to issue a letter to the bank. The letter should mention that the embassy certifies your passport, that you are a citizen of that country and that they request the bank to open a saving account for you.

Depending on the bank, to open an account for you, they may ask for a residence certificate in addition to the letter from your embassy. A resident certificate is issued by the immigration office in the province where you can provide an address that is not a hotel.

When tourists buy a condo in Thailand, it is prudent that they consult with an expert like ThaiLawyers so they can be sure that the sale and purchase agreement is legal, fair and in line with the normal practice in Thailand. We will help guide you through the process while protecting your interest. If you cannot be at the Land Department to do the title deed transfer, ThaiLawyers can represent you and make sure you become the new legal owner of the condo in Thailand.

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