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100% Foreign Ownership Solutions

MSNA Group has 100% foreign ownership solutions for foreigners wanting to do business in Thailand. If you are trying to find a way to have 100% or majority share in your Thai business, you need to talk to us before you decide on the route to take. We are an expert in this area. We do not advise our clients to use nominee shareholders, which is illegal and uncontrollable. Most law firms that advise nominee shareholders use their lower level staff to hold shares for you when those people do not understand that they are breaking the law. And they can never prove easily that they have the money to invest in your business. If someone wants to make troubles for you, they can report to the Department of Business Development that your Thai shareholders are fake ones. We offer 100% foreign ownership solutions to our clients and they can be done quickly and legally.

Consult with MSNA Group for the best 100% foreign ownership solutions if you want to operate a business in Thailand legally. Contact us now.