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MSNA Group 65/62 Chamnan Phenjati Business Center, 6/F, Rama 9 Road, Bangkok.
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Staff Outsourcing

Human resource outsourcing service is provided to both clients in Thailand and overseas companies who have projects in Thailand but prefer to outsource their human resource department to MSNA. Human Resource Outsourcing helps our clients save various costs, like administrative staff, human resource managers, office space, stationery, etc.

Outsourcing human resource to MSNA means you do not have to hire a labor lawyer to advise you about the Thai labor law. MSNA provides labor law consultation to our HR Outsourcing clients inclusive.

And because we provide Thai work permit service, we are working with many clients who outsource their foreign employees to MSNA. We handle their work permits, work visas, payroll, tax and social security.

In connection with our human resource outsourcing service, we also provide recruitment and staffing services.

Please contact MSNA for your human resource outsourcing in Thailand.