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Thailand company registration – how MSNA work with you?


– Thailand company registration – things to consider before you register a company in Thailand:

If your Thai business will only do export from Thailand or if it will do manufacturing in Thailand, it can be majority foreign owned. However, if you think you will be exporting and selling or providing services in Thailand too, you need a Thai partner who will be a majority owner (holding more than 50% of the total shares). Please read the Thailand Foreign Business Law – summary for more information.

The process of Thailand company registration when you work with MSNA Ltd.

Before we start the process, we will send you a quotation and when you agree, we will require a payment of 50% of the fee and Baht 5,500 per each million Baht registered capital for the government fees, stamp duty and miscellaneous fees. We will have all government receipts for those fees we collect from you. Please note that once we finish your Thai company registration for you, we will give you the details of all the various fees, the rest of which we will collect from you together with the last 50% of our professional fees.

The process of Thai company registration starts when we have received the first 50% of our fee. We will need the following information from you:

1. A few names to reserve as the name of your new Thailand company. Even when you are overseas, we can reserve the name for you.

2. The name, address, nationality, profession, and age of the 3 people who are the promoters of the company.

3. The same information as in No.2 of all the shareholders and percentage of shareholding of each.

– There must be at least 3 shareholders and they can be the same people from No.2.

4. The same information as in No.2 of the people who will be the directors of the new Thai company.

– There must be at least 1 director.

5. The power of directors.

– How many directors do you want to sign to bind the Thai company? For example, the power of directors of your thai company can read:

“ 1. Mr. A sign and affix the company’s seal.

2. Mr. B and MS. C co-sign and affix the company’s seal.”

6. The amount you want the Thai company’s registered capital to be.

* Please note that as a foreigner, you will need a work permit in order to work for your Thai company. A registered capital of 2 million Baht is required for each work permit.

7. The official address of the new Thai company.

8. A few objectives of the company – what kind of business your Thai company will do.

Once we get all the information from you, we will prepare all the forms for the promoters and directors to sign. The whole process should take about 1-2 weeks and your new Thai company is born.

Then we will prepare the forms needed to get the newly setup Thai company a tax ID number and to register it into the VAT (Value Added Tax) system. This will take another few days. After that you can start doing your business through your new Thai company.