Due to the Treaty of Amity between Thailand and USA, signed on May 29, 1966, Americans can sell products in Thailand. The treaty gives, not only Thai and American nationals, the right to enter the opposite party’s territory for business and investment purposes, but also business entities engaging in commercial enterprises in the opposite party’s territory. Therefore both corporate and individual Americans can sell products in Thailand. In fact they can do most businesses in Thailand without having to have majority Thai partners.

Note that there are important exceptions like the fact that the Treaty of Amity allows both parties to impose restrictions on letting the citizens of the opposite party engage in the reserved businesses of communications, transportation, fiduciary functions, banking involving depository functions, land ownership, exploitation of land or other natural resources and domestic trade in indigenous agricultural products.

Non-Americans do not enjoy the same rights as they have to get Thai nationals to be their majority partner. Or they have to obtain a Foreign Business License in order to do business as a foreigner in Thailand. They may be able to get the Board of Investment Promotion for their business if it is one in the eligible activities, which will enable them to have the majority foreign ownership of the business. Whether Americans or not, the BOI promotion is always the best way for foreigners to do business in Thailand. It gives the right to own land for the foreigners, the right to sponsors many work permits without the infamous ratio of THB 2M capital and 4 Thai employees for each expat, import tax exemption or reduction and corporate tax exemption in many cases, etc. Of course there are more conditions to be met than non-BOI companies.

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