Today, a client whom we helped register a 100% Myanmar owned export company in Thailand asked us if it is necessary for them to be registered in the VAT system. Here is our response:

Normally, a company is required to register into the VAT system if the gross sale has reached 1.8 million Baht in a year or the company hires foreigners and needs to apply for a work permit because the VAT registration certificate is one of the documents requested by the Thai immigration bureau. Anyway, the company may choose to register into the VAT system before that. And once you are registered into the VAT system, you have to submit your monthly VAT returns (PP.30) with or without sale transactions. You can decide to apply for VAT refund from the Revenue Department later but keep in mind that the tax officer will request to see all supporting documents before giving you the refund.

Thai Lawyers can help you register the company into the VAT system. MSNA Group can handle bookkeeping, accounting, tax filing and consultation on Thai taxes. We will ensure that you’re your documents are properly kept in files for easier reference when tax authorities request to see them. We can also assist you in representing your company with the Revenue Department especially when you apply for VAT refund. However, we will not be responsible to speed up the process because it is up to the tax officials when they can finish checking your documents and consider your application to claim VAT. You may find helpful information on what to do once a company is registered in the VAT system, and how withholding taxes in Thailand work.