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What should you expect from your Thai accountant?

  • A good Thai accountant should be knowledgeable on the Thai tax law and practice. A general knowledge of business law is a big plus.
  • A good Thai accountant knows what constitute a valid tax invoice, the tax invoice from which you can claim back the VAT you paid on goods and services.
  • A good Thai accountant recognizes when the transaction requires tax withholding.
  • A good Thai accountant always meets deadlines for financial reports.
  • A good Thai accountant is neat and tidy and makes sure all transactions have proper supporting documentation.
  • Smart Thai accountants know that they need to freshen up their knowledge very often by attending training or seminars and reading tax and accounting publications.

It is a good idea to hire another Thai Accountant from a well established Thai accounting firm to check your accountant’s work once in a while.

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Welcome to MSNA Ltd.

Welcome to MSNA Ltd, your business partner in doing business in Thailand. We are Thai accountants who know the Thai Accounting Law and Thai Tax Law very well. We provide not only accounting services, but also many other services necessary for helping you do business in Thailand. If you have any questions, be it Thai accounting or Thai tax related or anything to do with doing business in Thailand, please email us at

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