The Thai Revenue Department (TRD) has been implementing certain measures to promote investments and support to both local and foreign investors. In his recent statement, Director-General Dr. Sathit Rungkasiri has stated that the TRD has policies to support international investment by establishing a double tax agreement network, reducing corporate tax rates as well as implementing various tax policies to boost competitive capabilities for Thailand. However, TRD still ensures that the country’s benefits with regards to tax collection will be highly prioritized.

Once Thailand enters into ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in 2015, the business operation from multinational enterprises will definitely increase. These business organizations will normally plan to reduce their tax burden to the least therefore, TRD is preparing to propose on international tax restructuring in order to strengthen Thai economy as well as to protect against improper tax avoidance such as a measurement on either of the following:

– Transfer pricing

– Thin Capitalization

– Controlled Foreign Company, and;

– General Anti Avoidance Rule

In spite of these measures, such policies must not cause too many obstacles in international investment.

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