An MSNA’s accounting client has asked us a question about the VAT on purchase of
goods from a company overseas.

We just ordered some products from a US-based company. This US Company contracts a
Thailand-based manufacturer to produce these products and directly deliver to
us on behalf of them. Is there any VAT to be accounted for? How should we
recognize it?


Sales of goods between a Thailand-based company and a company based overseas with the
goods being manufactured and delivered in Thailand by a Thai manufacturer would
be considered as sales of goods in Thailand (under Section 77/2(1) of the Thai
Revenue Code) that is subject to 7% VAT.

For your case, since you ordered from a non-Thai company (US-based), you would be responsible to self assess the VAT on the gross payment, file a VAT remittance return (Form Por Por 36), and remit the VAT to the Revenue Department by the 7th day of the following month in which the payment was made. Thus, a receipt issued to you by the
Revenue Department after you paid for the VAT can be used as your company’s input
tax invoice which is creditable against your output tax in the tax month when
VAT is remitted.

In the event that you did not account for VAT, both you and US-based Company would
be both liable to pay for the VAT deficit and a surcharge of 1.5% per month on
the tax deficit. Both of you will also be subject to a fine for not submitting

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