In Thailand, employees are entitled to compensation schemes to cover injuries, illness and death both inside and outside of work place. These schemes are called Social Security Fund and Workmen’s Compensation Fund

Social Security

The Social Security Act requires employers to register each employee for Social Security insurance at the Area Office of Social Security, under the Social Security Office.

The Social Security Act also requires employers to withhold social security contributions from each employee’s monthly salary. The employer is required to match the contribution from the employee and both contributions must be remitted to the Social Security Office within the 29th day of the following month. Thus, the maximum monthly fee is Baht 1,500 or Baht 750 for each party.

This insurance fund provides compensation to employees in case of injury, illness, disability or death that is unrelated to performing work duties. Compensation is also provided for childbirth, child welfare, old age pensions and unemployment.

However, this Social Security Act is not applicable to:

– Government officials and regular employees of the Central, Provincial and Local administration except for monthly temporary employees;

– Employees of foreign governments or international organizations;

– Employees of employers who have offices in the country and being stationed abroad;

– Teachers or headmasters of private schools under the Private School Law,

– Students, nurse students, undergraduates, or apprentice doctors who are employees of
schools, universities or hospitals;

– Other undertakings or employees as may be prescribed in the Royal Decree

Read the laws:

Social Security Act – English

Workmen’s Compensation

The Workmen’s Compensation Act states that the employer must provide compensation or benefits at minimum rates prescribed by the law for employees who suffered injuries and illness or death during or as a result of performing their work duties. There are four types of compensation benefits:

1. The compensation amount or indemnity

In general, the compensation amount is paid in case of injuries, disability or death at a rate of 60% of monthly wages, from 3 days to 15 years depending on the case.

2. The medical expenses

Actual and necessary medical expenses must be paid up to Baht 45,000 to 300,000 depending on the severity of the cases as prescribed in the Ministerial Regulations. (Read on for the Thai version of Ministerial Regulations prescribing the medical expenses B.E. 2551)

3. Industrial rehabilitation expenses

Employment rehabilitation expenses must be paid as necessary, up to Baht 20,000.

4. Funeral expenses

In the event of death or disappearance, funeral expenses will be paid at a minimum amount equal to 100 times the minimum daily wage rate.

However, this Compensation Act is not applicable to:

– Employees or government official of the Central, Provincial and Local administration;

– Employees of non-profit organizations;

– State enterprises employees;

– Private school teachers and headmasters (under the Private School Law)

– Other employees as specified in the Ministerial Regulation.

Read the laws:

Workmen’s Compensation Act – English

Workmen’s Compensation Act – Thai