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work permit and visa in thailand

Work Permit Process for BOI Companies

In order to process a work permit for expats who work at a BOI company, first your Thailand BOI company needs to register in the BOI E-expert system online, where you will later apply for a work permit for your foreign employees, experts and specialists as well as extend their work visa.

Steps in processing work permits for BOI companies:

  1. The BOI company applies for approval from the BOI to hire the various job positions that it needs to have filled by foreigners. So in case just this one position has not been included in the list of positions approved before, then the company will have to do this step again just for this particular position. In some cases your BOI company may already have all of the positions approved including your position, then you will skip this step. This step takes about 3-5 business days.
  2. The BOI company applies for a visa letter from the BOI for the expat employee to take to a Thai embassy or consulate overseas. This takes 1- 3 business days. Then the company can print out the letter to attach with the visa package for the expat to apply for his non-immigrant “B” Visa.
  3. Preparing a Visa package, which includes a cover letter to the embassy or consulate, a Visa application form, 2 pictures, the company’s documents (certificate of incorporation, Memorandum of Association, Company Affidavit, List of shareholders, VAT registration certificate and VAT returns from the latest 3 months). In case your company is not newly set up, a copy of audited financial statements and corporate income tax return of the latest year must be included too.
  4. After the expat comes back into Thailand with a nonimmigrant Business Visa, the company applies with the BOI to hire the expat into the position from step 1. This takes about 3-5 business days. The expat needs to present his education certificate and work experience certificate at this step.
  5. The company prepares the forms to apply for a work permit and Visa extension for the expat.
  6. The company takes the expat to the one-stop service of the BOI in order to get the work permit book and extend his visa to 1 – 2 years. This usually takes the whole day at the one-stop service location.

MSNA is an expert in BOI work permit process. Contact us for any questions regarding your Thailand BOI company or work permit issues.

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Minimum Salary for Foreign Employees for Work Permit and Visa Extension

Today Thai Work Permit Expert got a very useful question regarding Minimum Salary for Foreign Employees for Work Permit and Visa Extension.

What is the minimum salary for an expat in Thailand to be able to extend his visa?

When a foreigner has a work permit in Thailand, he is able to extend his permit of stay in the kingdom to one year (or what most people call one year visa). However, there is a schedule of different monthly salaries earned by different nationalities that the National Police Bureau of Thailand used to determine if they will extend the expatriate’s permit of stay.

  • Countries in Europe (except Russia and eastern Europe), Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and Japan – Baht 50,000
  • South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong – Baht 45,000
  • Countries in Asia (except Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam), Eastern Europe, Central America and South America, Mexico, Russia and South Africa – Baht 35,000
  • Countries in Africa (except South Africa), Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam – Baht 25,000

Our Thailand work permit page has information about Thailand’s work permit rules.

For any questions about work permit and visa extension for expats in Thailand, contact MSNA.

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