Today, THAI ACCOUNTANT got a question on VAT regarding exported services.

Do we have to charge VAT if we provided services to a company outside Thailand? If so, at what rate should we charge?


Under the old law (Notification of Director-General of Revenue Department on VAT No.
105), services rendered overseas were subject to VAT at the rate of 0% under
the circumstances that the service had to be used entirely outside of Thailand. However
under the new law (Notification of Director-General No. 181), if the services are
used partially within and partially outside Thailand, then it is possible to
allocate the VAT so that it is partially subject to 7% VAT and the services
used partially in a foreign country will be zero-rated.

Eventually, if your services to your overseas clients are done in Thailand but the product of the service is used outside of Thailand, you don’t have to charge 7% VAT.

This is applicable to any activity that is performed to generate a valuable benefit other than sale of goods. However, this does not apply to travel and tour services in a foreign country.

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