THAI ACCOUNTANT answers a question about corporate tax refund in case of an entire
business transfer by one company to another company.

Our company in Thailand transferred its entire business to another Thailand based
company. The transfer includes all assets, liabilities, rights and obligations.
However, in the appendix of the business transfer agreement, it says that we,
the transferor, shall have the rights to a corporate tax refund that we were
waiting to get from the Thai Revenue Department prior to the business transfer.
Moreover, we informed the Revenue Department of the business transfer and that we
retained the right to the tax refund. Now, our company, the transferor, has
completed the liquidation process and they said that we cannot get the tax
refund. What is your opinion?


First you have to understand that upon the completion of the liquidation process, the
transferor’s status as a juristic person and the liquidator’s authority are
terminated. Therefore, claimable rights arising out of the business transfer including
the rights to a tax refund, will belong to the transferee.

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