As sound labour relations is a key factor for achieving harmony in the workplace, the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare, Ministry of Labour has adopted “Guidelines on the promotion of labour relations in 2551 crisis ” and good faith principle to apply for solving the problems resulting from the floods in 2554 as follows:

Whereas a workplace hit by the floods, representatives of an employer and
an employee should consult and work together in every way as far as possible for supporting a workplace to run his/ her business without a case of termination of employment or lockout.

  1. Both parties should apply the bipartite systems to consult or negotiate based on the principle of good faith for any action affecting to them.
  2. An employer and an employee should disclose facts concerning the business profits and the actual status of the floods.
  3. Employers should listen to the employees’ opinion and take into account the majority of the employees’ consent and acceptance without using administrative powers to put pressure on employees on issues concerning cost cutting such as wages, welfare and etc.
  4. Employees should be aware of the impact of the floods and should
    cooperate with an employer to resolve the problem by avoiding the violence methods or exercising their rights causing hardship to the people; strike, obstruction of the road and so on.
  5. Where there is negotiation or joint consultation which may not reach a conclusion, both parties should inform an officer promptly to discuss and propose ways to resolve problems rapidly.
  6. The officer would solve the problem by the impartial, flexible and
    peaceful approach to end the problem on the basis of validity and fairness.
  7. Leaders of an employer’s organization and an employee’s organization should participate in preventing and resolving labour conflicts and disputes adhere to work together peacefully.

If an employer needs to reduce the number of employees employed, he/ she should apply the measures and guidelines to alleviate the problem of termination of employment as a guideline in the implementation.

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