Accounting graduates in Thailand usually would surprise anyone when they join the work force after they just got out of school. They have forgotten all accounting debits and credits. They do not remember almost anything from their accounting education. At our Thai accounting firm, we invest a lot of money and time in training each accounting staff. They are our biggest asset. THAI ACCOUNTANT have an observation that the accountants that choose to work with a Thai accounting firm for a few years usually end up being chief accountants at other firms because they have learned every and all tasks in the accounting area. The ones that choose to work in the accounting department of bigger firms in other fields, usually are put in one area of the accounting department, doing only accounts receivable or accounts payable, or as a cashier (prepare checks), etc. They do not get to work on the overall accounting of the company, thus they do not have the experience needed to become a chief accountant or an accounting manager.
Good accountants are not that hard to find, but very difficult to keep. We, at MSNA, are a perfect alternative when you want excellent Thai accountants to take care of your accounts.