Staffing can be described as the recruitment, careful selection, development and providing proper compensation of personnel to perform their assigned roles in the workforce. Staffing solutions’ main purpose is to achieve the supply of skilled and qualified candidates and meet the organization’s business plans and visions. Thus, continuous staffing is essential for a business organization due to the promotions and career moves that occurs.

As part of MSNA’s services, we are assisting our clients by providing innovative solutions in building their productive accounting team.

We can provide, if required, on-the-job training for selected candidates and focus
on the essence of awareness, competence and professionalism in the areas of bookkeeping, accounting, audit, taxation and English communication in becoming an effective Accounting staff and Accounting Managers to meet the client’s needs and

In some cases, prospective candidates will be screened and recommended through the following procedures:

1. Selection of possible candidates

2. Initial interview in Thai and English

3. Evaluation of ability and skills

4. Reference and background check

5. On the job training, if required by the client

6. Introduction to English communication skills (depending on client’s preference)

7. Assessment of over-all performance

8. Recommendation

For your accountant staffing needs, please contact MSNA to know more details on how we can help you.