Today Thai Work Permit Expert got an interesting question about Work Permit Holder with Dependents in Thailand.

What kind of visa should a dependents of a Thai work permit holder apply in order
to stay in Thailand legally?


A dependent (e.g. spouse, children below 20 years of age and parents) of a
foreigner holding a Thai work permit is suitable to apply for a Non-Immigrant
Visa “O” in order to stay in Thailand. However, unmarried or same-sex
relationships are not recognized under Thai Immigration law and therefore not
qualified as dependents to apply for a Non-O visa.

Non-O visa holders are not permitted to work unless he/she obtained a valid Work
Permit on their own. Such dependent holding a Non-O visa must first obtain a
Non-B visa to be qualified to apply for a Work Permit. For example, a foreign
husband of a foreign teacher holding a Thai work permit must apply for a change
of his visa from Non-O to Non-B if he wishes to work here in Thailand. After
obtaining a Non-B visa, he can now apply for a Thai work permit.

Meanwhile, for the children below 20 years old holding a Non-O visa, they are also
required to apply for a valid Education visa if they will study here in Thailand.

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