The Thai government has recently implemented Royal Decree No. 289 (B.E. 2012) which grants a 5-year personal income tax exemption for foreign film actors who earn income from foreign movies shot in Thailand and approved by the National Committee for Movie and Video. This exemption is applicable to income derived from 1 January 2011 to 31 December 2015.

It can be recalled that a draft ministerial regulation related to this exemption has been already approved by the government earlier this year in a bid to attract foreign movie producers and promote tourism in Thailand. Hence, a foreign film actor which is considered as a foreign tax resident during the exemption period shall be exempted from personal income tax only if:

  1. Such income was derived from performance in a foreign film produced by a company or partnership incorporated under a foreign law; and
  2. A filming permit has been granted in accordance with the laws relating to film and video.

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