Software industry continues its strong growth in Thailand due to strategic government policies, an increasingly high-technology infrastructure and an expanding technical labor force. The Thai government offers many benefits for firms engaged in software development, data center management and the production of animation and games. Inventors benefit from the country’s central location in Southeast Asia with competitive labor costs, educated and experienced workforce and domestic market with high growth potential.

Thailand is helping companies to grow through sound policies that provide critical infrastructure, ongoing training for IT professionals, and internship experience for recent software and animation graduates and access for financing for investors to undertake capital and labor upgrades.

There are great opportunities for investment in software, animation and gaming and data centers in Thailand due to strong government and private sector support which includes:

  1. Business software
  2. Animation and computer-generated imagery
  3. Web-based applications and interactive applications
  4. Entertainment software for mobile platforms, online games or Windows-based games
  5. Multimedia video conferencing applications
  6. E-learning content via broadband or multimedia
  7. Embedded software
  8. Data centers

The Thai government is committed to promoting the software, animation and gaming and date center sectors through incentives for foreign investment, direct support of software start-ups, ongoing professional training for developers and engineers and flexible loan programs that allow digital content firms to expand without capital constraints. This includes a range of fiscal and non-tax incentives for investors offered by the Board of Investment of Thailand.

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