This question of “how long it take to set up a BOI company in Thailand?” is actually not very relevant to many people. The question we should try to answer is “how soon do you need your BOI company?”. To set up a Thai limited company, it takes about 1 week which includes reserving a name, preparing all the forms, having the directors sign them (which may add days or weeks to the process if the directors are overseas) and filing the forms with the Department of Business Development. However, to set up a BOI company, we have to add months for getting the BOI approval. If your business activity is one which is promoted by the Board of Investment of Thailand, it takes 4 months to a year. The BOI may say that it needs 40 days to approve your project, but that is only in theory. While planning for the timing of things, you should allow 4 months to a year, depending on the business activity, to get the BOI company ready to operate (have bank accounts, hire employees, invoice customers, etc.) So in total, it may take you 4 – 12 months to set up a BOI company in Thailand.

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