Today, we got an inquiry from one of the avid readers of our articles.


Hi, I’m an Asian and one of the foreigners working in Thailand. I have a valid non-B visa and Thai work permit with my employer company which submits my monthly tax and social security contribution to Thai authorities. My question is about my Personal Income Tax particularly the certain types of allowances that I can use as exemption to compute my taxes. Although I am still single at the moment, I have my aging parents back home whom I support financially every month. Can I use parents allowance for the computation of my Personal Income Tax?


First of all, thank you for your inquiry. To answer your question, parents allowance is one of the types of allowances that are allowed for the calculation of Personal Income Tax. However, it only applies to Thai citizens. Unless your parents have obtained Thai national ID card and become Thai citizens, you cannot use parents allowance as exemption for your Personal Income Tax. Thus, if you got married and have children, you can use spouse allowance and child allowance regardless of their nationality and whether they stay with you in Thailand or in another country.

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