In November, we posted an article about the new law regarding tax invoices which previously was to take effect from 1 January 2014. However, on 26 December 2013, the Thai Revenue Department has changed the date to take effect on 1 January 2015.

According to this new law, the tax invoice has to have the items on it as follows:

Under the address and contact number of the company, one must add:
– Headquarters (or in case of a branch office in Thailand, has to add the branch number too so that it can be specified whether the head office or the branch office is the one who issues the tax invoice.)

– Tax ID number, which should be near the company name and address) is the same number as the company’s registration number.

2. Under the address of the customer, add:

– ( ) Headquarters ( ) Branch Number………………..

– Tax ID No.: …………………………………

This is because when a tax invoice is issued to a company in Thailand, the issuer will have to check mark to indicate if the buyer of the goods/service is the headquarters or the branch of that company and need also to specify their Tax ID number which is the same as their company registration number.

Reminder if you are the customer:

From 1 January 2014, when you get a tax invoice from a vendor, please make sure you see their Tax ID number and that they specify headquarters or branch number near their company name on top of the tax invoice. Also, near your company name and address, it must specify headquarters (or branch) and your company’s Tax ID Number.

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