Today Thai Work Permit Expert got a very useful question regarding Minimum Salary for Foreign Employees for Work Permit and Visa Extension.

What is the minimum salary for an expat in Thailand to be able to extend his visa?

When a foreigner has a work permit in Thailand, he is able to extend his permit of stay in the kingdom to one year (or what most people call one year visa). However, there is a schedule of different monthly salaries earned by different nationalities that the National Police Bureau of Thailand used to determine if they will extend the expatriate’s permit of stay.

  • Countries in Europe (except Russia and eastern Europe), Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and Japan – Baht 50,000
  • South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong – Baht 45,000
  • Countries in Asia (except Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam), Eastern Europe, Central America and South America, Mexico, Russia and South Africa – Baht 35,000
  • Countries in Africa (except South Africa), Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam – Baht 25,000

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