The Thai government has recently acknowledged the implemented and proposed policies and support provided to the industrial sector as follows:

1. Support provided to the public affected by heightened cost of living

2. Remedial measures for 7 industrial estates in Ayudhaya and Pathumthani that were affected by flood

3. Renovation of large factories and SMEs outside industrial estates that were affected by flood

4. Project to support flood affected industrial sector:

4.1 Industrial shelter center

4.2 Safety, environment and industrial waste management project in flood affected area

4.3 Water quality, soil quality and contamination testing both inside and outside industrial estates

4.4 Vocational training center for flood victims

4.5 Repair center for units under the Ministry of Industry that are affected by flood

4.6 Environment quality management in flood affected area project

4.7 Restoring Thailand’s image project

4.8 Industrial clinic to restore flood affected SMEs

Contact MSNA for any questions regarding the implemented business measures by the Thai government.