Today, we talk about the penalty and surcharge for late filing of personal income tax returns or in the event of wrong declaration of tax in the returns.

A penalty is imposed to a taxpayer by the assessment officer in the event of filing a wrong return or failure to file the return. The rate of penalty is 100% in the case of an inaccurate return and 200% for failure to file a return. The penalties may be reduced by 50% if the taxpayer submits a request in writing and the assessment officer is of the opinion that the taxpayer did not intend to evade tax and cooperated with the officer during the tax audit.

Hence, any person who fails to pay or remit tax within the due date is liable to pay a surcharge of 1.5% per month, or fraction thereof, of the amount of tax to be paid or remitted subject to a maximum equal to the amount of tax to be paid or remitted.

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