A Tax Clearance Certificate is a certificate issued by the Director-General of the Thai Revenue Department or the Provincial Governor or the delegated authority to a foreigner who is leaving Thailand to indicate that he has already paid taxes or that he has provided a guarantor or securities as guarantee for tax liabilities and tax payable.

According to Section 4 quarter of the Revenue Code, a foreigner leaving Thailand shall apply for a Tax Clearance Certificate in the form prescribed by the Director-General within 15 days before leaving the country, whether or not there is any tax payable.

A foreigner leaving Thailand is required to file an application for Tax Clearance Certificate (Form P.1) and supporting documents if:

1) He is liable to payment of tax or tax arrears before leaving Thailand.

2) He has duty to file a tax return and pay tax on behalf of a company or juristic partnership incorporated under foreign laws and has been carrying on business in Thailand.

3) He has taxable income whether or not in Thailand from being a “public performer” in Thailand. (The word “public performer” means a drama, movie film, radio and television performer, singer, musician, professional sportsperson or performer of any kind of entertainment).

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