Why should you hire an English speaking accounting firm? We have some reasons for you:

1. Thai accountants who speak a few words of English want a very high salary, higher than a monthly fee you will pay an outsourced accounting firm who can communicate fluently with you in English.

2. With the kind of money you pay to a high quality English speaking accounting firm, which is pretty low, you cannot hire an in-house accountant who has a lot of experience and is knowledgeable enough in the Thai tax law.

3. Thai accountants move between companies easily. A lot of times they do not give you enough time in advance to find a replacement. They just leave a mess behind for the next accountant to clean up after them. With English speaking accounting firms like MSNA, your accounts will be done on time and smoothly. Accounting firms have staff turnover too, but they make sure that the clients’ accounts are uninterrupted.

Now, when you consider hiring an English speaking accounting firm, make sure you do not choose the ones that are very cheap. You know how much experience accountants cost? There is no way accounting firms can keep their good staff if they charge very low fees. The less fee you pay, the cheaper quality you get. (However, this does not mean you should pick the most expensive ones either.) Accounting firms have very high costs like your firms do too. If you are happy with the very low fee they charge you, you will be as unhappy with the quality of work they deliver. Each of their employees is responsible for tens of accounts. They make lots of mistakes and their supervisors do not have time to check their work. You will end up paying much more for tax fines and penalty than the amount you think you save from hiring very cheap Thai accounting firms. So choose wisely.

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