The Thai Revenue Department (RD) has recently released a Departmental Regulation which allows a VAT operator to issue and deliver tax invoices electronically.

It can be noted that in the past, the RD does not accept the issuance and use of electronic tax invoice whereas a VAT operator is therefore required to deliver original tax invoice in hard copy to its customer. Thus, the delivery of tax invoice electronically via the internet or email does not comply with the VAT requirements.

Although still subject to the approval of the Director-General of the RD, this recently announced regulation can allow a VAT operator to prepare, deliver and keep its tax invoices or receipts in an electronic form. In this respect, a VAT operator can decide to use the electronic tax invoices for all its activities or only for selected activities as the VAT operator sees fit. The selected activities must be clearly identified in the VAT operator’s application submitted to the RD for approval.

In the case of recipients of electronic tax invoices who have already notified and undergone inspection by the RD for the purpose of maintaining their documents in electronic form in accordance with the Department Instruction No. Paw. 121/2545, they are no longer required to maintain the hard copy of the electronic tax invoices.

Required qualifications:

– Government agency or a limited company or public company which has a paid-up capital of THB 10 million or more on the day that the application is submitted.

– The applicant has a secure and reliable status, such as a good track record of tax payment, no prior tax evasion record or with net assets greater than net liabilities etc.

– Accounting records connecting the issuance of electronic tax invoices must be in electronic form.

– The applicant has good internal control and reliable process to prove that the electronic tax invoices and electronic receipts will contain the same accurate details when they are created, delivered and received. When an amendment has been made, the system must show all amended information to indicate the information prior to and after amendment.

For the RD’s consideration, the applicant’s accounting software system would need to be appropriately configured with the RD’s electronic tax invoice software since the implementation of the electronic tax invoicing system requires the use of secure and reliable system. Prior to submitting an application, a VAT operator who is interested to apply for and implement this electronic tax invoicing process should approach the Bureau of Electronic Processing Administration team to discuss the general technical requirements in further details.

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