The Thailand Board of Investment may grant promotion to the investment project which incorporates appropriate measures for the prevention and control of harmful effects to the quality of the environment in the interest of the common good of the society and for the protection of mankind and nature. The BOI may also grant promotion to the investment project which is economically and technologically sound. Consideration will be given to:

(1) The existing number of producers and production capacity in the Kingdom and the size of production capacity to be created under promotion compared with demand estimates;

(2) The prospect for which such activity will expand the market for the products or commodities produced or assembled in the Kingdom and will encourage the production or assembly in the Kingdom;

(3) The quantity and proportion of the resources available in the Kingdom including the capital. Raw or essential materials and labor or other services utilized;

(4) The amount of foreign currency which may be saved or earned for the Kingdom;

(5) The suitability of the production or assembly processes;

(6) Other requirements which the Board deems necessary and appropriate.

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