From the day the company has registered in the VAT system of Thai Revenue Department, the company director and the staff member have to always ask for an official receipt from the vendor when buying goods or services for company’s use otherwise, such expense cannot be used to reduce the company’s profit and may end up having to pay more tax. Even when buying goods or services from individuals (who are not companies), they still can issue a receipt or some kind of documents to prove that they received money from the company director or staff member. In this way, the company can have legitimate receipts that are tax deductible.

When asking for an official receipt, if the vendors (companies or individuals) are registered in the VAT system, they normally will ask to charge 7% VAT and because they charge VAT, they will also have to issue a tax invoice for you. It is important to know the information about Thailand VAT and tax invoice.

The company also needs to withhold taxes from vendors. Please read this article about withholding taxes from vendors for better clarifications.

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