The Board of Investment (BOI) of Thailand has been actively supportive to all of BOI promoted companies in the country particularly to those affected by the flooding. Here is the summary of the recently approved flood relief measures by the BOI of Thailand.

The Thailand BOI approved the following relief measures for flood affected
BOI-promoted companies:

  1. Raw materials imported for export production that were completely damaged by the floods can be recognized as losses and are not dutiable.
  2. BOI-promoted companies are allowed to subcontract all production by providing imported raw materials for subcontractors to process, on a temporary basis.
  3. The measure exempting import duty on machinery acquired to replace machinery
    damaged by flooding (The Board of Investment Announcement No 4/2554, dated 17 January 2011) will be extended for another six months, and so applications to
    import replacement machinery should be submitted to the BOI by 30 June 2012.

These relief measures are subject to conditions and regulations to be announced by
the BOI.

The above mentioned flood relief measures are in addition to the previously
approved relief measures as listed below:

  1. Machinery or raw materials are allowed to be relocated from factories in emergency cases.
  2. Raw materials imported for export production that were damaged by flooding can be treated as losses, adjusted in the raw materials account and are not dutiable. BOI-promoted companies may use raw materials that are still in good condition in other projects and still be entitled to the import duty exemption.
  3. BOI-promoted companies can outsource certain production processes, on a temporary basis to maintain business continuity.
  4. The BOI has launched a measure to expedite the visa and work permit process for
    experts brought in to restore projects affected by flooding.

Meanwhile, BOI operators are invited to directly contact the Investment Promotion Bureau that looks after their projects for BOI-assistance, at the following telephone

– Investment Promotion Bureau 1 (agricultural and light industries)

02 553 8298 (Khun Sithee Tanboonteck)

– Investment Promotion Bureau 2 (metal, machinery and automotive industries)

02 553 8366 (Khun Anin Meksuksai)

– Investment Promotion Bureau 3 (electronics and electrical appliances industries)

02 533 8167 (Khun Tanavadee Khuvasanont)

– Investment Promotion Bureau 4 (chemicals, papers, plastics, and high value added services)

02 553 8294 (Khun Wuttichai Pisatphen)

The BOI’s operations have been temporarily moved to the One-Start One-Stop
Investment Center (OSOS), 18th Floor, Chamachuri Square, from 4 November 2011
until further notice. Tel 02 553 8111, 02 209 1100.

Contact MSNA for any questions regarding BOI Thailand.