As a way to move Thailand forward, the Thai Government is focusing on four major areas in provincial development which will be adjusted to be in line with the “Country Strategy”. At the same time, all provinces have been urged to be prepared for the arrival of ASEAN Community in 2015.

The four areas in provincial development seek to: (1) generate income on a sustainable basis, (2) promote inclusive growth in order to reduce poverty and close income gaps, (3) accommodate community growth that is friendly to the environment, (4) prepare infrastructure for Government’s mega-projects on transport and water management.

On the other hand, the Thai Government is also developing road and railway networks linking with neighboring countries. This was initiated in a joint meeting between provincial governors and Thai ambassadors and consuls-general to ASEAN countries. Various border checkpoints will be upgraded and Thailand and its neighbors need to manage goods production for mutual benefit.

In this regard, the Government urged provincial governors to explain to local residents about both advantages and disadvantages of free trade arrangements. Each province must also work out its provincial strategies to manufacture products in response to the demands of neighboring countries. Moreover, provincial governors must help create better understanding about neighboring countries, as Thailand moves toward the ASEAN Community.

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