One of our tax clients is planning to purchase a condominium unit in Bangkok. He asked us if there is any tax to be paid to the authorities. Today, we answer his question based on two scenarios: if the condominium will be purchased under his name or the company’s name.

  1. When he buys it in his name, he needs to hold it for 5 years otherwise, he has to pay for Specific Business Tax (SBT) 3.3% of the selling price when he sells it on top of the 2% transfer fee and his personal income tax because it will be considered as purchasing a condo for business purpose. However, if he sells the unit after 5 years, he doesn’t have to pay for SBT of 3.3% although he needs to pay for the transfer fee and income tax.
  1. When the purchase is done in company’s name, the company has to pay the transfer fee plus Specific Business Tax 3.3% of the selling price whether he sells it before 5 years or after. Although we are not yet sure how much corporate income tax the company has to pay in the future, tax will be based on the net profit of the company, part of which is the profit from selling the condominium. Furthermore, if he use it personally, when the Revenue Department comes to check the condominium and they know that he is staying there, they will make the company charge him for rent and this will be part of company’s income. The company can also use the depreciation of the condo as company’s expenses.

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