Today, we discuss what to do with your work permit and visa when changing employer in Thailand.


I am a foreigner who has a work permit working for a Thai company but am moving to a new job. What should I do to ensure the transition is smooth in terms of my work permit and visa?


Before you leave the old company, make sure you agree with them on the date of your official resignation which should be the same day that they will inform the Labour Ministry of your resignation, or agree with them the day you will return the work permit to the Labour Ministry. On the same day you return the work permit, you must take your
passport to the Immigration Bureau to cancel the extension of your stay otherwise
you will be overstaying your visa. The immigration officer will stamp in your passport that you have to leave the country right away. You will then apply for an extension of stay, which they will allow only 7 days. On the same day, your new employer should submit the work permit application for you so that it can be done within the 7 day period that you have got in your passport. While waiting for the new work permit, the new employer should get all the documents ready for extending your permit of stay from 7 days to one year based on the new work permit. Once you pick up your new work permit, you must go to the Immigration Bureau to submit the documents to extend your permit of stay right
away, which must be before the end of the 7 day period that you got.

In this case, you do not have to go out of Thailand to apply for a new Non-Immigrant Business Visa.

Please note that it is not always possible for the Labour Ministry to produce your new work permit within the 7 day period that you got. It usually takes at least 7 business days for a work permit to be ready to pick up, but your 7 day period is one calendar week.
This is when you need MSNA, Thailand work permit and visa expert to help. We will make
sure your work permit and visa transition is done correctly and within the little time limit the Immigration rule allows.