Today, we talk about the application for bringing in foreign experts and technicians to work for promoted business under the Investment Promotion Act B.E. 2520.

The Foreign Expert Services Division, Investment Services Center, Office of the Board of Investment, offers services at the One-Stop Service Center for Visas and Work Permits to facilitate the bringing in foreign technicians or experts, as well as their families, into the Kingdom to work for businesses promoted under the Investment Promotion Act B.E. 2520

The procedure has two steps:

STEP 1: The company submits an application at the Foreign Expert Services Division requesting approval of the positions of the foreigners.

This step involves submission of a document describing the company’s objectives and the necessity to bring in foreigners to work in specified positions, the personnel plan of the company showing the number of positions of foreign experts or technicians required and the periods during which foreign technicians or experts are required to work for the company.

Required documents:

  1. Form for Requesting Permission to Bring in Technicians (F FR NI 01)
  2. The company’s organization chart

The chart must show the organization’s lines of responsibility, specifying the positions for which approval is requested. The positions which have been approved must also be shown on the chart.

  1. Form F FR NI 02 (Kor Kor Tor 41)

The following details are required:

– Position titles in English

– Job descriptions, covering all actual jobs required

– Job requirements

– Duration (The periods during which the foreigners are required)

  1. A copy of Investment Promotion Certificate

A copy of the main Investment Promotion Certificate is required. In case of multiple certificates, only the ones relevant to the request should be attached.

  1. A copy of the License to Commence Operations

In the event the company is not in a position to furnish the License to Commence Operations, a written explanation, stating the reason (s) and the current stage of the company’s business plan shall be required.

  1. A copy of the Company Registration Certificate

The document must not be older than six months, as of the submission date.

  1. A copy of a list of shareholders

An up-to-date list of shareholders and their shareholdings is required. For public companies, the document provided must contain pages showing the major shareholders and the ratio of Thai to foreign shareholders.

  1. A copy of Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement
  2. All documents (except the ones issued by the Office of the BOI) must be signed by the authorized directors as specified in the Company Registration Certificate with the company seal affixed, or by a person duly authorized by the directors (with a Power of Attorney clearly specifying the authorized powers and duties and a thirty-baht duty stamped affixed).

Once approved, the company will receive a Letter of Approval for use as a reference in Step 2.

In case it was not approved, a written notification is issued to the company.

STEP 2: The company files an application at the Foreign Expert Services Division requesting approval to bring in foreigner to work. (Filing the approved positions)

The foreigners in question will need a non-immigrant category “B” visa to enter the Kingdom. They need to obtain the visa at a Thai embassy or consulate in a foreign country and to declare the objective of entering the country to work. Upon arrival into Thailand, their non-immigrant category “B” visa will be stamped by immigration. After that, they are required to request an extension of their stay in order to work.

Documents required in Step 2:

  1. A company letter containing details and reasons

The letter shall mention the company’s intention to fill the specified positions with details of the individuals (names specified and justifications provided as to why such persons are suitable for the jobs) being proposed to fill the positions.

  1. A Bio-data form

Once approved, a written notification is issued to the company, the Immigration Bureau and the Department of Employment

However, in the event that it is not approved, a written notification will be issued to the company.

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