Taxpayers in Thailand are allowed to hire or use a tax agent to file online tax returns, pay any tax dues at the time of filing, or perform any other duties as prescribed by law.

A tax agent can be an individual or a juristic person registered under the Thai law that meets the criteria of a “tax agent” under the Notification of the Revenue Department.

The roles and responsibilities of a licensed tax agent are summarized as follows:

  1. Prepare tax returns and file them online at the Revenue Department official website with a tax agent’s username and password;
  2. Pay the tax due (if any) through electronic payments or Pay at Post;
  3. Submit an electronic amendment form to the list of currency tax agent clients (T.T.04) within 15 days since any change in the list is occurred, i.e. getting a new client or removing a client;
  4. Update any changes in the registration information of a tax agent to the Revenue Department, e.g. office address, new branches, registered capital, paid up capital or any other similar changes;
  5. Enroll in tax seminars, workshops or training courses as specified in the law.

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