Specific Business Tax (SBT) – a kind of tax you need to know in case your company has an interest income.

Today, THAI ACCOUNTANT discusses a case of Thailand Specific Business Tax (SBT) on interest income received from guarantee deposits.

A company providing commercial, industrial, marketing and management
consultancy services was required to put cash with its client as a guarantee for
possible damages and liabilities that may arise in the course of providing the
services to the client. In return, the client will pay an interest on the
amount and in the event of damages, the client has the right to make deduction
from the guarantee deposit and related interest. Under this circumstance, such
interest income received by the company is considered as revenue subject to
Specific Business Tax. When the company gets paid for the interest, it has to
submit 3% of the interest received as SBT using Specific Tax Return (form SBT
40) within the 15th of the following month. In doing so, another 10%
on top on the SBT has to be included in the SBT return as a municipal tax. In short,
the company has to submit 3.3% of the interest receipt.

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