According to a recent news article that I have read, the Foreign Ministry of Thailand has agreed to allow tourists from some countries to submit their visa applications online.

This proposal by the Tourism Council of Thailand (TCT) has been considered, as the ministry wants to help soothe the crowds and long lines of tourists wanting a visa on arrival at Suvarnabhumi airport.

Foreign travelers from big countries such as China and India like to do visa on arrival, as they find it inconvenient to arrange back home as the size of their countries make it difficult to travel to the nearest Thai embassy or consulate.

Moreover, people in many emerging countries are required to seek a visa at the embassy or consulate in a third country. For instance, tourists from Algeria are required to go to France to process their Thai visa.

According to TCT, this inconvenience is blocking tourism opportunities for Thailand so online visa application will afford greater convenience to tourists, increase the number of tourists from emerging markets and ease congestion at Suvarnabhumi airport.

The ministry will also work out the details of the online visa application and inform the Tourism and Sports Ministry. It will then coordinate with the immigration police so they can prepare before the high season starts in October.

The TCT is confident that applying online will not affect national security, as the authorities can screen potential visitors from the information submitted.

Further development on the implementation of this proposal will be released by the Tourism Council of Thailand and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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