The Thai Revenue Department has created the strategy of tax collection to handle a new challenge in order to enhance efficiency of tax administration.

The Thai Revenue Department has adopted a risk management principle, known as Compliance Risk Management or CRM, as a tool in the management of tax collection. The principle of CRM is to assess and classify taxpayers according to their credibility. If the taxpayers are classified in the “high-risk” group, tools will focus on law enforcement such as penalties and tax audits. And if the taxpayers are classified in “low-risk” group, the Revenue Department will focus on providing these taxpayers with services such as counseling and facilitating.

From this kind of management, both taxpayers and the Revenue Department are likely to benefit. As a result, this measure will reduce costs involved in tax collection and bring out good attitudes throughout all parties concerned. In fact, Revenue Departments in many countries have already adopted and implemented the CRM’s principles and they were satisfied with an increase of tax collected.

Implementation of the new strategy to enhance efficiency of tax administration is yet to be announced by the Thai Revenue Department. Contact MSNA for your Thai accounting and tax questions.