food franchise in thailand

Franchise Food Business in Thailand

Anyone wanting to become a franchisor must have been operating their business for at least 2 years.


As a franchisee, here are the two ways you can operate your franchised business in Thailand:

  • Register a Thai company with 51% shares held by Thai shareholders.
  • If you do not have Thai partners to hold the majority shares in your business, then as a foreigner majority company, you will have to get a Foreign Business License, which is not easy to get.


After registering a company, you should:

  • Sign an agreement with the franchisor, who is the owner of the brand and know-how.
  • Apply with the Ministry of Public Health for the license to operate the place for cooking. This is so that you can have a cooking place in your restaurant.
  • Submit sign board tax at District Office where your restaurant is located within 15 days after putting your sign board up.
  • Register into VAT system and Social Security system.


These steps above take a lot of time and effort. Consult with MSNA Group, who will give you the best advice so you can spend time and energy on things that are more important.