One of our accounting clients asked a question about VAT on their export.

I would like to know if the export portion of my product sales which is roasted whole coffee beans grown, roasted and packed in Thailand, is classified as 0% VAT? The challenge is that I export only 1 or 2 kg per shipment and it is done by EMS courier and then sent via a Thai Post Office. I do not export from an airport or customs point. Kindly clarify. I have been told conflicting answers and I can’t seem to find a definitive answer. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Thai Accountant answered: When you export products from Thailand, you must do it via customs. Sending it by post or EMS, you still can declare it with the Customs Department of Thailand. You need to tell the post office that you want to declare Customs, which normally is done using form EMS Por 256. When exporting your products using DHL or Fedex, you need to tell them that you want to send your products through customs. They will prepare some customs export shipment papers for you.

If you do not have Customs export shipment papers, the Thai Revenue Department will treat your sale as domestic one, which is subject to 7% VAT.

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