Today, our U.S. CPA answers a question from one of our payroll and tax clients regarding his U.S.personal income tax.


I’m a dual citizen (Thai & US) working for a multi-national company in Thailand. I was born and raised in Thailand and have always reported and filed my Thai tax returns. I’m currently working under my Thai citizenship and making below US income standards. Do I need to file my U.S .tax returns now?


With respect to filing your U.S. Income Tax Returns, every citizen is required to file a return based on their world-wide income. That would, of course, include your Thai Income. Your income would be excluded under the foreign earned income exclusion, and accordingly, no tax would be due in theU.S. Hence, it simply becomes an administrative requirement. However, if your income exceeded $100,000, then it would be possible that taxes would be due but it doesn’t sound like this is your situation having a dual citizenship.

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