In Thailand, Trade and Investment Support Offices or TISO is one of the few ways on how foreigners can operate their service and trading companies and achieve 100% foreign ownership.

The Board of Investment can grant TISO incentive to foreign companies engaged with different types of services and trading in the country to help facilitate their business operations without the requirement of a Foreign Business License (FBL). Hence, a foreign company granted a TISO must still obtain a foreign business certificate which is less complicated than obtaining a FBL.

Some eligible activities allowed under the TISO incentive are as follows:

1. consulting services to affiliates

2. engineering services

3. export trading

4. Wholesaling, installation, maintenance, repairs of machinery & equipment, etc.

Some non-tax incentives are as follows:

  1. 100% foreign ownership
  2. Rights to own land for an office
  3. Visa & work permit support for foreign experts

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