When your company in Thailand buys software for use in the company’s operation, THAI ACCOUNTANT would like to point out that there is some tax implication you need to know.

If you buy it from a vendor in Thailand, you need to withhold 3% from the price (before 7% VAT).

If you buy it from overseas and hand carry it without going through customs, or you buy it online, in order for you to book the cost of the software as the company’s asset, you need to deal with withholding tax and submitting VAT on behalf of the overseas vendor.

How much tax to withhold on software purchase? You need to consult with the double taxation treaty between Thailand and the country you buy it from. Software is considered royalty. You need to withhold 5% – 15% and submit the tax with form PND 54 within the 7th of the following month.

When you pay an overseas vendor for their service (in this case, it is royalty), you also need to submit 7% VAT on their behalf (with form PP 36) and the VAT becomes your input VAT of same the month you submit the PP 36. The reason behind this is that if all the vendors in Thailand charge you VAT and if you can buy goods or services from overseas and you don’t have to pay VAT, then who will want to buy from the Thai vendors. So the law has to make everyone submit VAT on behalf of the overseas vendors. (When you buy goods in Thailand you have to pay VAT to the vendors and when you import goods, you pay VAT at the Customs.)

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