One of our payroll clients has asked us about the Social Security Fund reimbursement for dental treatment.

As a member of the Social Security Fund, can I claim back the amount that I have paid to a dentist in a private clinic when I have my tooth extracted? I’ll appreciate your advice. Thanks.”


Yes, as one of the insured person, you are entitled to receive medical treatment service at any hospital or clinic in the case of tooth extraction, filling and removing dental plaque. You can advance the expense and can later apply for the reimbursement at the rate of not exceeding Baht 300 per each dental service or not more than Baht 600 per year.

Additionally, you shall further be entitled to be fitted with any acrylic-based over denture from 1 to 5 teeth at the cost of not exceeding 1,200 Baht and an over denture for more than 5 teeth, at the cost of not more than Baht 1,400 within a period of 5 years effective from the date of fitting the acrylic-based over denture.

When applying for dental service cost reimbursement, you are required to submit these evidences to the Social Security Office:

– Application Form for Compensation Payment in Case of Dental Service (2-16).

– A medical certificate and a receipt from the dentist.

– A copy of Thai ID card or passport and a copy of the Certified Entitlement Card.

– In case you would like to receive the payment through the Bank, you should prepare a copy of the first page of the Bank Savings Account book showing the Name of Account and Account Number or either Bank of Ayudhya PLC or Krung Thai Bank PLC.

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