In the case where Thailand Board of Investment grants promotion to any applicant, the BOI may set conditions in the promotion certificate for the compliance by the promoted person in one or more areas as follows:

(1) Amount and source of capital;

(2) Nationality and number of shareholders;

(3) Size of activity including the types of products, commodities or services and the production or assembly processes and capacity thereof;

(4) Amount of local raw materials to be used;

(5) Nationality and number of workers, technicians and experts;

(6) Training and employment of manpower;

(7) Prevention and control of damaging elements to the quality of the environment;

(8) Period of time to commence the implementation of the promoted project;

(9) Period of time to place orders for the purchase of machinery;

(10)Period of time to import machinery into the Kingdom;

(11)Period of time to re-export the imported machinery after the termination of their use;

(12)Extension of time limits under (8), (9) or (11);

(13)Date of commencement of operation;

(14)Report on implementation of the project and operation;

(15)Report on the performance of the training provided by the foreign technicians and experts to the Thai personnel;

(16)Requirements that the products or commodities produced, assembled or exported conform to the standards prescribed either by the Board or other government agencies;

(17)Distribution of products or commodities produced or assembled or services rendered;

(18)Export of products or commodities produced or assembled;

(19)Requirements that the cash, bank guarantee, the Thai government securities or other securities deemed appropriate by the Board, be deposited with the Office for the purpose of guaranteeing the compliance with the conditions stipulated by the Board;

(20)Other matters relating to the provision of facilities to the competent official, granting, exercising or controlling of the rights and benefits under this Act.

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