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MSNA Group 65/62 Chamnan Phenjati Business Center, 6/F, Rama 9 Road, Bangkok.
Mon - Fri: 7AM – 4PM

Thai Auditor Team

Thai auditor, Mrs. Natasha Stewart, heads the Thai auditor team at MSN audit Ltd. the Thai audit company in MSNA group. Our Thai auditor team consists of professionals who are competent, professional and knowledgeable of Thai accounting and auditing standards.

Natasha got her Thai auditor license (CPA license) in 1996. She is a Thai auditor who has worked over 16 years in the audit field with international clients in Thailand and who continues to exceed our clients’ expectation. Our Thai audit team communicates proficiently in English with our international clients who require high caliber auditing and accounting professionals to handle the audit both external audit and internal audit and to assist with the accounting system design and implementation and tax planning of their Thai business.

Natasha and all the audit and accounting companies in MSNA Group are members of Thailand Federation of Accounting Professions.