THAI ACCOUNTANT answers a question regarding the tax implications on income earned overseas.

I always visit your website and read your informative articles about doing
business in Thailand which is very helpful to foreigners like me. Now Iā€™m considering moving there for a possible business opportunity and residency. My source of income will be profits from a company which is based and only operating outside of Thailand. I am very curious about what I will pay for tax: will it be my total global income or only the portion of it that is brought into Thailand?


First, we thank you for reading our information posted on our website. We are happy to know that this has helped you to consider doing business here inThailand.

Referring to your question, when you reside in Thailand for more than 180 days (continuously or not) in a calendar year, the portion of income from overseas that is earned and brought into Thailand within the same calendar year will be subject to Thai tax. This we mean, the income earned in 2012, and brought into Thailand in 2012. For instance, if you bring $ 100,000 of the income that you earned overseas in 2011 into Thailand in 2012, it is not subject to Thai tax.

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