In view of the increase in the minimum daily wage which took effect on January 1, 2013 nationwide, the Thai government has recently approved tax relief measures for the affected small-and-medium enterprises (SMEs). These measures are expected to help SMEs with annual income not exceeding Baht 50 million a year.

Under these measures, the income tax exemption limit for SMEs will be raised from Baht 150,000 to Baht 300,000 a year. SMEs declaring income between Baht 300,000 and Baht 1 million will be taxed at 15% and those with over Baht 1 million profit will pay tax at 20% on the difference.

The withholding tax rates for SMEs will also be cut from 3% to 2% and they will be allowed to claim 100% depreciation on machinery for the first year of purchase until the end of 2013, an extension of one year from the year end of 2012.

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